What Valentine’s Day is, according to Mason students


By Huong Cao, Staff Writer

Many people think of Valentine’s Day as a joyful occasion when they get to show love to their significant others. But in reality, not everyone has a partner to spend this holiday with and single people may look at this holiday differently. Why do Mason students either love or hate this day?

Valentine’s Day is a cute holiday to show love

While many people think of Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday, freshman Sarah Jackson described this holiday as “a cute holiday” for everyone.

Sophomore Shayna Frank thinks that Valentine’s Day as a day when you can show love to your significant other. One reason Frank looks forward to this holiday is that her dad usually buys her a gift.

Senior AbbyG Appleton, thinks Valentine’s Day is a day to show love, but not only for couples.

“I do not think [Valentine’s Day] is just for a relationship. I think [this day] is also for friends, family, and whoever you love. It is for everybody. I may not buy candies but I will show more love to my loved ones during this day than normal.”

Valentine’s Day is a corporate holiday and does not always have to be supported

Even though Valentine’s Day is the spreading of love and positive emotions, junior Hannan Alimam thinks of it as a corporate holiday.

“We should be loving every day, not just on Valentine’s Day,” Alimam said.

Junior Leslie Jones shares similar thoughts, “I do not support Valentine’s Day, but I feel I do not support Valentine’s Day because of the idea of love. Love should be an everyday thing, not just be on a certain day. I feel like in America, we choose to only show love on a specific day, instead of doing it year-round like we should.”

Valentine’s Day does not always bring joyfulness, it also brings loneliness. According to Alimam, “it just makes single people even feel more single. I mean that, it is fine to be single, and being single is not a big thing, but this day reminds people that they are single.”

Senior Rav Goda knows you should love your significant other every day, however, she still likes the idea of Valentine’s Day.

“It does not mean that you love anyone more or less, but it is a day to celebrate your love in different ways, just like birthdays or Christmas.”

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity

“You could be pretty depressed if you are single on Valentine’s Day, but I think I see an opportunity,” said junior James Lim. “Valentine’s Day could be a day for reaching out or social changes such as meeting friends and getting together with people you love. There is no reason to hate it.”

Valentine’s Day can also be an opportunity to find love. Goda suggested using Valentine’s Day as a good excuse to go up to someone and ask someone out.

Valentine’s Day also brings an opportunity for single people to spend time loving themselves.

Valentine’s Day is just another day

Despite the different opinions towards Valentine’s Day, you do not have to either love or hate it, as it could be just another day, like it is to senior Sam Beglau.

“I honestly have no feelings towards Valentine’s Day. I like the idea, but it is just another day in my mind.”

Single people could treat Valentine’s Day as a normal day or do fun group activities such as Escape Room.

Graphic by Billy Ferguson