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What Valentine’s Day is, according to Mason students

VALENTINE’S DAY HAS DIFFERENT MEANINGS FOR MASON STUDENTS By Huong Cao, Staff Writer Many people think of Valentine’s Day as a joyful occasion when they get to show love to their significant others. But in reality, not everyone has a…

To Swipe or Not to Swipe?

THE DOS AND DON’TS FOR DATING APPS By Cat Tong, Staff Writer In a generation where phones and technology are on the rise and our daily lives become busier and busier, there is simply no time for “traditional dating.” It…

Get a Date With Fourth Estate: Alex and Morgan

The first students matched together by the Lifestyle team were junior, Alex Hinton and senior, Morgan Romero.  They decided to go to dinner at Coyote Grille located right off of Main Street.  They were interviewed separately about their date experience….