UberEats vs Tapingo


By Ahmed Farid, Staff Writer

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Until recently, you could not enjoy a delicious Big Mac sandwich with a large order of fries while sitting at home in the comfort of your pajamas and binge watching your favorite Netflix series. However, thanks to the magic of the internet, companies finally realized that we, the hardworking people, need our food brought to us without having to get out of bed and enduring the cold winter weather.

Many companies have created applications for customers to order food online. UberEats and Tapingo are two of these companies. Founded in 2014 and 2012 respectively, these two companies are now dominate the app delivery business. Even though these two companies run similar businesses, there are important differences between the two that had us wondering which of these two Mason prefers?

The most important difference between the two is that Tapingo serves college campuses only whereas UberEats serves you wherever you are, so Patriots who live off campus cannot use Tapingo at their homes. This is something that gives UberEats an advantage for some people.

Sophomore Woon Gi says he prefers to use UberEats even while on campus because he is used to using the app, because Tapingo doesn’t deliver to his home. UberEats also guarantees delivery in 30 minute or less.

Still, despite this, Tapingo does hold the edge for people. Sophomore Michael Nguyen says that even though he lives off campus he still uses Tapingo while at school. However, he doesn’t use their delivery. Instead, he uses the app to order online and pick up his food at the store without having to waste time waiting in line.

“I don’t really need someone to bring me my food while I am on campus,” says Michael “but it does help not having to waste my time waiting in line for food.”

On the other hand, some of Tapingo’s other users who have utilized Tapingo’s delivery had their complaints. With more people using the app delivery has become slower and since often it would be faster to simply pick up your order instead of waiting for it to come, especially if you are on a tight schedule.

While both apps are extremely helpful for Patriots who are working against the clock or just don’t feel like walking in the rain (or snow for that matter), they both still have a long way to go to completely satisfy the needs of the customers hungrily waiting for their food to be brought to their doorstep.

Graphic by Billy Ferguson