Flowers Fostered With Love at Farida Floral


By Angelique Arintok, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day approaching, local flower shops like Farida Floral cater to creating special and memorable moments for their clients.

Farida Floral was established in January 2017 by Farida in the Northern Virginia area. Farida initially worked as a university professor in her home country in central Asia. However, her talent and passion for creative work in the realms of fashion, design, and floral arrangements is what ultimately led to the conceptualization of Farida Floral here in the United States.

“I remember growing up she decorated our home with all kinds of floral arrangements,” said Akeda, Farida’s business partner and daughter.

Farida worked at two floral shops previous to starting her business with Akeda, a Mason student. While working at the shops, Farida realized the impact she could make on the floral industry regarding her focus on quality and genuine care towards clientele, business partners, and staff.

Collaboration between Farida and Akeda showcase the duo as pioneering business women who take charge of the company’s central operations. Beyond Akeda’s role as a Mason biology student, she has extended her skills by pouring passion into the family business. Akeda even took time off from school when the business kick-started.

“This journey has made me courageous, and made me see my full potential,” Akeda said.

As soon as Farida made the decision to start her own business, she immediately gave her daughter Akeda a phone call.

“When my mom called me and told me that she was starting a flower business, I was extremely excited and started getting the documents ready right away,” Akeda shared.

The process from concept to commodity happened quickly for Farida Floral. Within a week, operations quickly started and shortly thereafter, the mother-daughter duo held an open house showcase for about 20-30 flower arrangements that Farida customized. Since then, the business has grown unimaginably both in success and staff.

On its one-year anniversary as a business this month, Farida Floral expanded by taking on two more employees, including Graciela Billingsley, a Mason sophomore.

Despite entering an unfamiliar environment in the United States, Akeda and Farida demonstrate that in spite of challenges, the love and passion behind a family dynamic bleeds into the heart of a business.

The mother-daughter dynamic behind Farida Floral “understand[s] that every order has a significant meaning to the sender and recipient,” Akeda said.

Farida Floral’s creations are colorful, fresh, and eye-catching. With a range of glass vase arrangements, flower boxes, mix & wraps, and even unique Ecuadorian roses that last one year, there are plenty options to select from.

“We are here to support customers in putting together an exquisite experience whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday, or any special day of celebration,” Akeda added.

Bouquets and handmade floral formations range from $35 to a few hundred dollars. Farida Floral is also willing to work with clients in customizing an order that fits their budget.

For more information on Akeda and Farida’s family-oriented floral business, visit their website at and Instagram account @faridafloral.

Photos Courtesy of Farida Floral