Dress Your Best on Halloween


By Angelique Arintok, Staff Writer

The big question arises every year leading up to Halloween: “what should I be?”

The following ideas should spark some creativity, and land you the costume you desire this season.

SAVE THE DAY AS A SUPERHERO: This option is timeless and fitting for almost any costume party. Whether it be Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Spiderman, or Deadpool—the list of DC and Marvel Comics characters are endless. There’s surely one to suit you. These costumes are essentially fool-proof. Buy a character costume from Walmart or Party City and get ready to kick your hero-mindset into full gear.

UNCONVENTIONAL MOVIE CHARACTERS: Consider some of your current or cult-classic favorite movies and base a costume off of the most interesting character. You could even ditch the lead roles and think outside the box. Some characters may not be as distinctive, but could be an easy get-up to pull together in a pinch. Take for example, a white t-shirt and perhaps jazz it up with some red dye or fake cosmetic blood. With those two materials, you can swiftly transform into Wilson from the Tom Hanks film, “Cast Away”. You can even tone it down while still making a statement. While not as spooky, a costume that implements casual clothes like a blue t-shirt, sweatpants, and a TV remote is similarly simple –  suddenly, you’re Adam Sandler’s character from the comedy-drama “The Click”. Stretch your mind to think beyond the norm and transform into the most unconventional movie character—even if it is an inanimate object.

TOO “PUNNY” TO PASS UP: Brainstorm some of your favorite phrases, and translate your thoughts into a “punny” party costume. A play on words and style never hurt anyone. GoodHousekeeping.com presents phrases, objects, and concepts like ‘Cereal Killers,’ ‘French Toast,’ ‘Formal Apology,’ and ‘Candy (W)rappers,’ to model into literal and attention-grabbing costumes. If you want to leave a lasting impression, a laugh from a “punny” costume brings both tears and joy to the party.  A costume of this caliber is certainly worth the extra time, effort, and preparation.

POLITICAL CULTURE: With politics more fiery than ever, past or present figures on Capitol Hill or the White House should not be strangers to some potential imitators. Whether it is to poke fun or embody your least-liked or most-loved political figures, their distinctive looks are easy to capture with the help of some formal attire. Easily turn into Senator Bernie Sanders with a pair of glasses, a suit, and a messy grayed-out do. Additionally, a classic pant suit, structured hair, and a pair of earrings can transform you into Hillary Clinton. If you like being the center of attention, don’t forget that even a donkey or an elephant costume can cause stirs and discussions amongst the party.

GO GORY OR MAKE IT UP: You can choose to go gory from a scale of subtle to full zombie. YouTube has hundreds of easy-to-follow tutorials about special effects makeup that include liquid latex, spirit gum, and bruise wheels. Channels like Glam&Gore, as well as Karolina Maria are great sources for bloody inspiration. Other tutorials online also feature cheap alternatives that go hand-in-hand with our tight college budget. Items like bananas, flour, Vaseline, and old eyeshadow can substitute the cosmetic products necessary for that gory demeanor. A clown or doll look using makeup also cannot be forgotten. With movies like “Annabelle: Creation” and “IT” gaining buzz among teens & adults alike, makeup that emulates those chilling looks might win you a notable scare for the night.

Hunting for a Halloween costume can be tough. No matter what you choose to be this season, dress and feel your best this festive time of the year.

Photo of Batman & Wilson Courtesy of Angelique Arintok

Photo of Special Effect Makeup Courtesy of Meagan Kennedy