It’s All About the Glow Up


By Quianna Adams, Staff Writer

ATTENTION MAKEUP LOVERS: There is a new makeup brand available to you. No, not Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty but MTF Cosmetics. It was created by a fellow Patriot. M, T, and F are the initials of the owner, Morgan T. Fitzpatrick, a junior here at Mason. She launched the MTF Cosmetics brand with a collection of highlighters this past August.

The $11 beauty essentials are handmade, affordable, and can be used as an eyeshadow; so you’re basically buying two products for the price of one. “I wanted to create a quality product at an affordable price. My goal is to have all of my products 20 dollars or less,” Fitzpatrick said. I say that this is a steal because the products are highly-pigmented, handmade, glittery greatness.

The pressed powder highlighters come in a clear compact container and are available in four colors. The colors include Leo (golden shimmer), 18K (copper colored shimmer), Amethyst (cool shimmer) and Jewels (silver glitter shimmer).

In addition to the low expense, Fitzpatrick is offering current on and off-campus students free shipping. Now you can look fabulous, support a small business, and save money at the same time.

The line of products was created with women of color in mind; so the brand is inclusive of all individuals. The products are personal to Fitzpatrick as they are items that she enjoys wearing and can envision others wearing as well. She describes her style as versatile, and with that, so is her product line. There will be a product for every individual’s comfort zone, whether it is classic and everyday wear or edgy and special event worthy.

Fitzpatrick prides herself on being an ambitious business woman. She has managed to create and launch a business while balancing academics, other school activities and a job. Once she formed the idea to create her own line of products, she began research on makeup ingredients, website creation and business 101.

She is majoring in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. With a minor in Business, she already has some experience with this side of research and planning. She decided to use her resources to create each product by hand, desiring a successful business. She lives by the “if I want it, I go get it” mentality to maneuver through personal and business endeavors.  

While discussing the brand’s current product success, Fitzpatrick said that she hopes to someday have a store for MTF Cosmetics. Fitzpatrick simply wants to share her products with the world. She says, “it’s not about the money, I just really want to make quality products.”

The highlighters have been a popular product for the brand, as Fitzpatrick has shipped items to California, Nevada, and New York, to name a few. However, new products are on the way. You can be on the lookout for lip gloss, eyeshadow palettes and more highlighting products.

Mason students can follow MTF Cosmetics on Instagram and Twitter for sales and updates. Before ordering a product, message one of the social pages to get the discount code for free shipping. Highlighters are available to purchase on

Photo Courtesy of MTF Cosmetics