Photo Courtesy of Women In Business at Mason

New student organization calls for connecting and empowering women in the world of business.


Freshman Lenna Kevorkian, the current president of Women in Business at Mason (WIB), founded WIB with the mission of connecting and empowering women who are studying or are interested in the business field. The new student organization was created in Spring 2023 and plans to become an official RSO in Fall 2023. 

When Kevorkian attended WelcomeFest in the Fall of 2022, she noticed an absence of a Women in Business organization for undergraduate students and decided to start her own. ”Thus, WIB was born in the Spring of 2023. We are currently still building our member base and hope to officially launch member events in the upcoming Fall 2023 semester,” said Kevorkian.

Kevorkian dedicates her RSO to the current status of women in the field. “WIB was inspired by the wonderful women professors in the School of Business, as well as the current underrepresentation of women in the business field. We hope that our members learn something towards their professional skills, but also that there will always be a group of women supporting them in their pursued field…By instilling this set of beliefs in our members, we hope they improve their career successes during and after their time with us and their time at Mason,” said Kevorkian. 

Kevorkian seeks to empower women in the field of business through WIB events. “We hope to build their personal and professional skills through upcoming events and workshops we are planning for members and the greater Mason community,” said Kevorkian. 

WIB recently hosted its first official event for its members and anyone interested. “Most recently, we held our Cookie Conference event in late March; our first ever event for prospective WIB members to meet the officers and each other, and to learn more about the club. This event was very successful, and we are so grateful to all who attended,” said Kevorkian. 

WIB most recently was present at YardFest on April 23 for students interested in meeting members and learning more about the organization. 

Students who are interested in joining WIB can get connected through their Instagram, Mason 360 or email at gmuwomeninbusiness@gmail.com.