Poll results: How do you feel about Student Government leadership?

This story was originally published in the Feb. 29 issue of Fourth Estate.

Last week, Fourth Estate conducted its first ever poll and asked the Mason community how it feels about Student Government. Roughly 150 people participated and gave us their thoughts on Student Government’s overall performance, including where there is room for improvement. We recognize these results are not statistically significant, however, the questions asked are of special importance as spring elections approach. We will continue with our effort and see if this poll’s results are indeed indicative of the opinions of Mason students. Going forward, we will ask if it is true that while most students seem to understand Student Government’s purpose (Question #1), it appears some think the organization could do a better job of representing the community (Question #10).

If you took this poll and are interested in being interviewed for a follow-up article, please send an email to gmufourthestate@gmail.com.

Graphic created by Megan Zendek, Visual Editor for Fourth Estate. Poll questions developed by Hamna Ahmad, Ellen Glickman and Alexa Rogers.

Download (PDF, 1.28MB)