Fashionably Fall

Tatyana White-Jenkins, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Fall is full of exciting transitions: leaves change color, students take new classes, and — not to be disregarded — those of us living in chillier climates dawn a different wardrobe.

For many, dressing stylishly and comfortably is a must for the season.

“The best thing about fall fashion would be the transition of the outfits you are used to wearing in the summer to the new clothes you get to revisit when it starts getting chillier outside,” sophomore Logan Murray said. “I look forward to the feeling of warmth and comfort in my clothes.”

Feeling comfortable in an outfit is especially important for college students since they typically spend a good amount of time walking around campus. By adding warm layers to a casual summer outfit, students can blend comfort with couture.

“My favorite thing about fall fashion is that the season permits people to wear actually comfy clothes,” junior Jenny Fotang said. “I transition with layering! I usually do a gradual transition by taking a summer piece and adding fall accessories. For example, a summer dress with tights, a cozy cardigan [and] a scarf added to it paired with combat boots.”

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Photo by Jenny Fotang

Another easy way to make this switch is to let colors be your guide. Junior Christy Pennington, who describes her personal style as a combination of “1950s classy housewife to the fresh mold breaking grunge rockers of the 90s,” incorporates the tones of her wardrobe with those of her surroundings to create the perfect fall ensemble.

“My summer wardrobe colors are very deep, lots of bright greens and bold colors,” said Pennington, “My transition to fall style, with the changing leaves, moves to more subtle colors and textures, like maroon scarves and yellow shorts and trading in my cute summer sundresses for my longer autumnal dresses with tights or long black socks.”

Clever accessory use can also help carry summer pieces into fall, and one item is often all that’s needed to transform an outfit.

“My go-to fall accessories are style staples for fall. Make sure you have a go-to fall scarf,” said Pennington. “My other fall favorite is everyone’s favorite, sweaters! I’m a sweater person every season but fall is an especially fun time for me to break out my cardigans. When I’m running late my classic yellow thigh-length cardigan pairs nicely with almost anything this season, especially with my big scarves.”

“Invest in a nice jacket. In summer, your whole outfit is exposed. In the fall though, you can throw on a nice jacket/sweater over PJ’s and still look like a functional human being in society,” Murray said.

New outfits and accessories are a popular way to celebrate the season.

“I’m trying not to be biased because my birthday is in fall, but fall is unquestionably the best season of them all. Everything about fall makes me happy. I love the weather. I love the leaves. I love the clothes. I love that I was born. I really love this season,” said Murray.

For Pennington, expressing the beauty of fall through style makes the season even more enjoyable.

“Fall, in its own way, makes us sit down and cherish the changes around us which normally can terrify us so much. It lets you watch the world transform right in front of you and gives you comfort in its beauty,” said Pennington. “And as people, we are able to imitate that beauty in color and style and grace, in that sweet little sweep of a black skirt against a backdrop of a bright tree skyline, or the joy of crunching a nice dry leaf under those cute brown booties that have been hiding in your closet waiting for the season.”