#GetaDateWithFourthEstate: Preview

This story was originally published in the Feb. 02 issue of Fourth Estate.

Written by: The Lifestyle Team

Illustration by Laura Baker

Illustration by Laura Baker

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, what better way to spread the love than to set readers up with a potential romantic partner?

The Fourth Estate Lifestyle editors developed a survey consisting of questions written to help find connections between random students. These questions help give us the best idea of the person’s personality, likes, and dislikes. This way we can match them up with someone they will [hopefully!] click with.

At the time of printing, we had over a hundred submissions to our survey. Now, we can take the time to carefully look over and pair applicants (please keep in mind that not all students who responded will be immediately matched).

Once we have found you an eligible date, we will request that students come into the Fourth Estate office for an in-person interview with the lifestyle team to ensure student safety.

After the matches have been made, one of the Lifestyle editors will contact you with your date’s name and the email of the student listed in the survey. We will list some events happening that weekend or suggestions on restaurants for your date as well.

After their date, students can come in at a scheduled time to be interviewed about their experience.

We are going to focus matching on personality, as opposed to looks on dating apps like Tinder, forcing people to keep an open mind and meet someone that they wouldn’t have met otherwise.

We hope that matches spark this February.

To take the survey visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HQSXY8C