Gateway to Success

Written by Cynthia Jessup

Mason’s library is showing off their new Gateway library options to students.

Mason has its very own Gateway library that gives students access to hundreds of streamline files and media. Students can stream feature films, documentaries, speeches on audio and hard copies of media.

The Gateway Library, located on the second floor of the Johnson Center, gives faculty and students access to LPs (vinyl discs), CDs, VHS and DVDs (also Blue-Rays).

“We are here to support instructional purposes and academic-research interests,” Laura Jenneman, Media Services/Film Studies librarian said.

This addition to the library is now accessible to students for browsing in the library. Jenneman is continuing to build and expand on the available collection.

CDs and LPs are 2-week rentals and DVDs and VHS are 7-day rentals.  The service is free for students.

Another new addition to the library is the One Button Studio which is located at the JC library Room 134-I.  Students now have access to a room already equipped with lights, cameras and computers.

“All you need is a USB with 5MB minimum,” Jason Byrd, the assistant head of Technology & Learning Technologies librarian, said.

Developed by Pennsylvania State University, this new technology in video recording gives students an edge in college and career success.

“You can use it to record a presentation, record a monologue and even interviews where you can self-critique what you need to improve on,” Byrd said.

Reservations can be made online for an hour at a time. There is no limit to how often a student can reserve a time slot.

The hours are from 9 a.m.- 6 p.m., Monday-Friday.

“We recommend scheduling appointments online 2 weeks in advance so that a staff member will be available to assist you in setting up the room,” Byrd said. “Also, be sure to be ready for the camera so you can exercise you time as much as possible.”

Photo by Amy Podraza