Mason celebrates the power of film at The Best of FAVS Showcase

Blanca Acevedo, Staff Writer

To  draw attention to award winning student films, Film and Video Studies, Delta Kappa Alpha, the cinematic arts fraternity, and Film and Media Studies showcased alumni’s work.

The films shown were “Money or Bunnies” by Christie Jeon, “Hero of Ireland” by Paul O’ Halloran, “Masta” by Vinh Le, “We Hallowed Ones” by Micayla Charles, “Inevitable” by Thang La, “Keys to Time” by Christina Baker, “Lois and Dave” by Sarah McWilliam, “NYC, 1930” by Gina Valvo and “Wingboys” by Ashley Blue.

The evening commemorated the top films made by Film and Video Studies students over the past four years.

“I am continually impressed by the quality of work produced within the Film and Video Studies program,” Giovanna Chesler, the director of Film and Video Studies, said. “Each year we hold a Fall Showcase and Spring Showcase with senior projects based on documentary and fiction directing projects. This year I wanted to create a program of some of our best student films from the past four years so that new students could see a selection of work that had been made prior.”

Moreover, she commented that DKA wanted to create an event early in the fall semester to welcome students to campus.

Junior Irem Dogancali, president of DKA, talked about the organization and explained how the fraternity worked with Chesler to build this event.

“We collaborated together with programming support from FAVS Faculty, Thomas Britt and Ben Steger who reached out to their former students and crafted a program highlighting a range of student films– from fiction to documentary,” Chesler said.

“I really liked the collection of footage that was selected for this showcase” said Michael Rose, a senior majoring in Film Studies. “I enjoyed the roller-coaster of emotions in terms of the diverse platform of topics, still proving a nice coordination of different themes. The transition was perfectly done.”

The event created opportunities for students to meet and speak to visiting alumni, while hearing about their lives and experiences after graduation.

In addition, the event was designed to promote and welcome students to the program.

“We have our largest incoming class yet, with forty-eight new students who are mostly freshmen,” Chesler said. “We couldn’t be more excited.”

Aside from professors within this field, the program counts on an active and supportive advisory committee of local film professionals and film enthusiasts. They are committed to support the work and talent of fellow students.

“These aspects give seniors feedback on their films through our Board Pitches– where students pitch their projects to the board members, and the top pitches receive financial support for the work ahead. Board members and affiliated faculty groups advise the program and help build professional relationships beyond Mason,” Chesler said.

At the end of the event, Jon Gann, founder and programming director from DC Shorts, commented on the progression of each piece.

“To notice the evolution within these works, says a lot about the hard devotion that takes behind the composition of its making,” Gann said. “The fact that each of these come together whilst presenting personal scenarios which viewers can easily relate… is simply fascinating. They’re all very unique, sticking to singularity, still being relevant and extremely focused. It is truly incredible to observed the progress.”