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Returning Academia To The Hands Of Academics

BY STEVEN ZHOU, CONTRIBUTOR  In the wake of the series of admissions scandals ranging from fake athletic profiles to transferring custody of children away from wealthy families, colleges like Yale and University of Southern California (USC) have proposed a long-overdue…

Study Shows Increasing Acceptance of Climate Change

Mason and Yale gather data on climate-change beliefs BY COLLIN COPE, STAFF WRITER Climate change has played an increasingly significant role in U.S. politics in recent decades. As science has increasingly supported climate change as reality, more people are acknowledging it….

Injustice in the “Justice” System

James Forman Jr. gives a lecture on the mass incarceration of African Americans BY NAYOMI SANTOS, STAFF WRITER *Not actual name for confidentiality purposes Social justice is one of Mason’s greatest values. Many dedicated students and faculty are motivated and…