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There’s no Such Thing as “Your Data”

BY DOMINIC PINO, OPINION EDITOR In last week’s issue, Chris Kernan-Schmidt — opinion editor emeritus, gentleman and scholar — wrote a piece called “The Best Privacy Protection is Common Sense.” He writes about “your data” and “our personal data,” and…

The Best Privacy Protection is Common Sense

BY CHRISTOPHER KERNAN-SCHMIDT, STAFF WRITER Social media platforms have made it easy to share our lives with family and friends, but the prevalence of oversharing on social media has opened Pandora’s box. Status updates, location check-ins, online rants and “private”…

Does Mason Really Care?

BY MONET BALLARD, CONTRIBUTOR Mason has a great way of not informing students of the dangers we have on this campus. Now, I am writing this as a concerned female student who has a class in Innovation Hall every day….