Hello Patriots!

It’s now been three weeks into the 2022-2023 school year and I am so excited to be leading the Fourth Estate in my last year at Mason. Some of you might know that Mason has always been a family affair for me, my parents went here and multiple aunts and uncles went here. Now in 2022, my brother and sister are Patriots, along with two of my cousins. 

I’m committed to delivering content for Mason students through our enthusiastic staff, who make our paper. This year, we will continue to be a 100 percent online publication, however, that doesn’t mean the Office of Student Media isn’t buzzing with activity. 

In a year with a midterm election and a lot at stake, we are going to be covering the local races in Virginia and the national races for control of the House and the Senate. We’ll be at Merten Hall getting the voter count for the day, we’ll be on Mason Cable Network’s Election Night live stream and we’ll be covering our local politicians campaigning for office. If you want to share your opinion on anything regarding the midterms, feel free to submit an Opinion Section Submission, we want to hear from you.

Not into politics? Well, we’ll be covering everything else we feel Mason students want to know about, like our Mason Club Football team’s quest to get back to the National Club Football Association Championship or the new GMU Friends club revitalizing Mason’s social scene. There’s something for everyone.

Finally, we are always looking for student journalists at Mason. Without our student journalists, we would have no paper and I am appreciative of the student journalists who continue to write for us consistently. For those interested in the Fourth Estate please reach out at masonfourthestate@gmail.com!


Brad Byrne