Opinion Editor, Collin Cope

Hey Patriots!

It’s good to be back. My name is Collin Cope and this year I will be opinion editor for Fourth Estate! I am very excited to work with anyone who is interested in making a contribution and will also be working to help anyone who may be looking to improve their journalistic writing. This year, I am returning as a senior and many changes come to mind.

From the sweet and skunky smell of changing laws to the influx of new students — and the unavoidable beauty of Horizon Hall — the campus I knew before quarantine was a different place. But as I begin my time as Fourth Estate’s opinion editor, I am reminded of the vibrant culture and community present at Mason every year. 

As I see new faces collide with old, I eagerly await the upcoming year of new connections and experiences amongst the community. And with these new experiences come new stories, hot takes, drama and opinions! As opinion editor, I want to best represent the minds of the Mason community in allowing voices to be heard and dialogue to blossom. And at Mason, the dialogue is rarely dull.

Whether it’s students engaging in “candid conversations” and community forums regarding complex social issues or two Government majors arguing about taxes over their morning coffee, the community embraces diversity of opinion. 

Due to this, it is important to me that no one voice dominates another, but equally as important that those who wish to write have their opinions heard. So, if you have something you would like to submit, please reach out!

I’m very much looking forward to hearing what you all have to say this year and will always be available for questions, comments and critiques by email. Please let me know if you feel there are ways I could improve or if you have any ideas for stories.

Collin Cope