Student Government Elections to Take Place Online

Mason students to vote for new student body president and vice president, senators


Mason students can vote for a new student body president and vice president, along with student senators, from Monday, March 30, to Friday, April 3. Voting takes place on Mason360, where students will be able to see a list of candidates.

Sophomore Shelby Adams is running for student body president with sophomore David O’Connell as student body vice president. Their platform can be found online

“Between my Vice President and I, one of our first goals would be to install a Free Menstrual Products Pilot Program in public bathrooms and/or residence halls,” Adams wrote in an email to Fourth Estate. “Our idea is that this program would be kickstarted and funded by Student Government and eventually funded and provided permanently through the university.”

She continued, “We understand and recognize the fact that some people don’t have the same privileges and access to menstrual products, and that the lack of access can be a barrier to education and workplace success for menstruators. Menstrual hygiene is a right, not a privilege, so it’s important that we make these resources accessible to all students.” 

Although they are running unopposed, Adams explained that they want to give the campaign their all. “We want to spread our platform and vision with all students,” she said. “We created a form where students can tell us their questions, comments, and concerns directly about anything on our platform. We understand that we work for the students and their say really matters to us!” 

Adams and O’Connell have been endorsed by the Mason’s chapters of the NAACP, Black Student Alliance and Chi Psi Fraternity. Individual students have also endorsed the candidates.