Photo Courtesy of Paul Wyche

Candidates Paul Wyche and Nell Palumbo are elected to the office of Student Body President and Vice President.


On April 10, the results for the Spring 2023 election were revealed to the Mason student body. The winning ticket of Paul Wyche and Nell Palumbo have been elected to the office of Student Body President and Vice President. 

In a close vote, the ticket of Paul Wyche & Nell Palumbo received 43.82 percent or 646 of 1474 total votes cast and the ticket of Liam Keen and Amanda Magpiong received 43.62 percent or 643 of 1474 total votes cast respectively. 12.55 percent, or 185 votes of 1474 total votes cast abstained from voting for the Executive Ticket. 

The Wyche-Palumbo ticket reacted to the news in a statement, “Thank you all so much for electing us to be your next Student Body President & Vice President! We look forward to getting to work and making Mason a place for ALL!” 

The goals of the Wyche-Palumbo administration can be seen on their platform.

The losing ticket did not respond to request for comment. 

Thirty senators were also elected to office for the 44th Student Senate. The chamber will consist of Bas Rawat, Pauneez Faris, Zara Saemi, Maria Romero Cuesta, Kaylee Fernandez, Colin Mcaulay, Ethan Connell, Ana Belen Garcia Inga, Sreelu Veettil, Scott Tatum, Austin Emery, Aarush Jambunathan, Alexander Williams, Felipe Casas Avila, Aidan Jacobs, Mashrab Zaman, Glenda Patterson, Rachel Sedlack, Ilia Sheikholeslami, Jack Fedak, Madison Hepler, Rakibul Alam Anik, Ellie Fox, Hannah Covey, Matthew Kovacev, Dean Richter, Farhan Babar, Michael Grossman, Jordan Lock, and Nishok Chitvel.      

A ballot proposition on ranked-choice voting was passed and will take place in following elections.

Wyche and Palumbo will be sworn into the office of Student Body President and Vice President in the first meeting of the 44th Student Senate, along with the senators. The meeting will be Thursday, April 27 at 4:30 p.m. in Merten Hall.