Hidden Hangouts: Westover Farmers Market

Fourth Estate / Peter Njoroge

Head to this local market for a collection of quality products


Launch into millennial adulthood by checking out the freshest produce around at the Westover Farmers Market.

While often associated with hipsters and high prices, visiting your local farmers market can help you learn about ingredients, eat delicious food and find some really cool treats. 

According to Clint Eastwood, “What you put into life, you get out of it.” The same can be said for your weekly bounty of fruits and veggies. The quickest and cleanest way to get your food is to head to a local farmers market and pick up your groceries. 

It’s also a lot of fun. The local market can be an interesting way to get in touch with your ingredients, as well as try some unique and tasty foodstuffs.

One of the best things about being in the Northern Virginia area is that there are plenty of different markets that meet on different days and at different times. The Westover Market in Arlington meets from 8 a.m. to noon on Sundays. There are also evening and weekday markets at other locations for people who are busy. 

Virginia is home to some amazing orchards and farms, and their products are always outstanding. After tasting fresh orchard apples and delicious blueberries from the market, the offerings from Trader Joe’s and Giant will never be the same. 

While looking for garlic, scallions and eggs, you can always take a breakfast break and grab a tasty pastry and a locally roasted cup of coffee. Say hi to the local mushroom guy, or swing by the baker for a delicious loaf of sourdough. 

You can munch on DMV Empanadas, Mama’s Donut Bites or Paella to Go. The market is also one of the best places to pick up beautiful floral decorations for all occasions.

The market is always changing, which makes each week an exciting journey. To help you keep track, the Westover Farmers Market puts up a rough schedule on their website for what is fresh and in-season.

Finding your favorite local farmer is a truly enjoyable experience. Also, seeing the same faces each week makes grocery shopping much more jovial and personal. While you will pay more, going to the market is an interesting opportunity to get in touch with the people who actually make your food — and cut out all of the other nonsense. 

Each farmers market is a living community organization that’s fun for people of all ages. The products really speak for themselves, and more than justify a little bump in price.