Last Week in Politics


Monday, Sept. 23

  • Climate protestors block street of D.C. during morning commute for climate strike.
  • America may lose its “measles elimination” status according to the New York Times.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

  • Pelosi confirms formal Trump impeachment inquiry.
  • President Trump confirms he withheld military aid from Ukraine, cited wanting aid from other countries.

Wednesday, Sept. 25

  • Trump whistleblower agrees to meet with lawmakers if legal counsel is able to attend.
  • Juul Labs’ chief executive, Kevin Burns, stepped down amidst vaping outrage.

Thursday, Sept. 26

  • Senate votes to extend government funding through Nov. 21 via a continuing resolution.
  • Whistleblower complaint against President Trump is released.
  • Former French President Jacques Chirac dies at 86.

Friday, Sept. 27

  • Sony announces Spider-Man is staying in the MCU.
  • Pompeo subpoenaed for documents relating to Ukraine.