Dressing for Campus Comfort: Commuter Edition


By Bria Lloyd, Staff Writer

After being stuck in Northern Virginia traffic for 45 minutes, you finally arrive to campus. You soon remember that today’s forecast calls for rain and you did not dress for the occasion. As a commuter, you must be prepared for all types of weather because unlike on-campus students, you do not have the luxury of running back to your dorm to change.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Mason is known for having a large commuter population where 75 percent of the students live off campus. Mason has several diverse student groups with a wide array of styles. While no one student’s style is the same, what commuter students have in common is the need to be dressed for anything.

Some commuter students may find it convenient to keep their cars stashed with clothing items in case there is an abrupt change in weather.

“I have found that the weather changes throughout the day and I either become too hot or too cold. At times, my car has become a wardrobe. It can be frustrating when I need a clothing item and it is not there,” said Sophomore Nathaniel Sposit. Students who do not have a car and may come to campus via bus or metro have even greater difficulty finding a place to store extra clothes.

Other commuter students believe that it is not so difficult to be prepared for unpredictable weather.

“I personally don’t think it’s more difficult to be prepared for weather in comparison to students living on campus. I’ve been commuting for a few years now and I’ve learned that I don’t have the same accessibility as on campus students to a change of clothes,” said senior Zabina Srey.

Commuters deal with trial and error when it comes to figuring out what works best for them. Instead of coming to campus underprepared, a student may find that it is helpful to wear extra layers that can easily be stripped off throughout the day if they find them unnecessary, rather than not having the extra layers when they need them.

Versatility is a very important component of commuter fashion. A commuter must not only be prepared for class, but also for other events they have to attend throughout the day.

“I like to wear a pair of vans to class because they are comfortable for walking around. As a commuter, you always need to come prepared. I usually have to come to campus dressed for activities after class since I don’t have time to change,” said senior Sydney Peterson.

While it might take a little extra time for commuters to plan ahead, these preparations are necessary for long-lasting comfort while on campus.

Being a commuter has its pros and cons. One may not realize how much of an effect small style choices will have on a commuter’s day. This is an example that demonstrates the importance of fashion in our everyday lives. Even though we might not be hitting the runway anytime soon, it is important that we come to class comfortable so we can hit the books.

Photo by Bria Lloyd