Photo Courtesy of GMU Fashion Society

Promoting and participating in the world of fashion on campus.


Formed in 2013, The Fashion Society has provided students at Mason the opportunity to attend numerous photoshoots and fashion shoots. The Fashion Society is currently run by their elected President, senior DZaunta Jones.

According to Jones, “The Fashion Society is an organization dedicated to promoting and participating in the world of Fashion”. 

The RSO hosts various events throughout the year that give students at Mason the opportunity to express themselves creatively and build their portfolio when it comes to fashion. 

The organization additionally provides a community for like minded individuals who enjoy fashion. Jones often describes the Fashion Society as a “creative network”. 

According to Jones, “Everyone has valuable talents, opinions, and things to offer. If you participate in this organization, you’ll always leave with experience or having made a connection.” 

Jones emphasizes the RSO’s dependence on a team effort for its success. “Photographers will always need models. Models will always need things to model for. Stylists will always need people and things to style for. The Fashion Society is the final stop that brings all these people together.” said Jones.

On February 3, The Fashion Society invited five professionals from the fashion industry to come and talk to members about their experiences in their careers. 

The professionals who came were runway model Letiyo Mawadri, DC Fashion Designer Isha Sankoh, JAGCO Mother Modeling Agency Founder Jennifer Gomez, Fashion Photographer Nia Ross and Founder & CEO of BLACK Agency Zakur Amun-El. 

Jones spoke about the panel being “truly inspiring to listen to” and noted the professionals invited were open and transparent. 

After the panel, the panelists all shared their Instagrams and offered opportunities for those who were interested. Amun-El, one of the modeling agency professionals, had previously invited Jones to his hosted networking event due to her wish to model at the panel. “I was very excited to get an invite and it made me realize that I’m actually doing what I set out the organization to do, which is to give people opportunities,” said Jones.

Students who are interested in joining can get connected to The Fashion Society on Instagram or through email which is