The rise of student health care

Student Health Advisory Board looks to help at Mason



The Student Health Advisory Board met for the first time Jan. 24, following a two-year process that involved Mason students, faculty and administrators.

Dedicated to protecting and promoting services related to student health, the board is comprised of 31 undergraduate and graduate students. These students were selected through a competitive application process to represent the diversity of the Mason student body, according to a press release sent by the Student Health Advisory Board’s office.

The release also said that these 31 individuals in turn have formed subgroups within the board that will focus on communicating with students at Mason about student health care through events, feedback and planned programs.

The board will also help university health offices communicate with students and understand the needs of the student body. Just like Mason, the Student Health Advisory Board is very diverse with many undergraduate and graduate students who have different health needs. The advisory board will help the university health offices address individuals’ needs and will work to ensure that health services are available and accessible to all students, according to the press release.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Mason students to learn more about all of the services that are provided by the university while simultaneously helping the Mason administration get a sense of the needs of Mason students,” newly elected Student Health Advisory Board President Joe Russell said.

The benefits of having this board could prove to be numerous according to Communications Director Juliette Liegey.

“We hope our hard work will allow students to take pride in how much their school values health. We allow the students to have a voice and be heard by people who can make changes,” Liegey said. “The Student Health Advisory Board also can help Mason health care administrators by providing feedback from students that will ensure each health service is run to the satisfaction of students.”

As for the goals of the board, the board members hope not only to gather feedback on campus health care, but also to reach students through events and social media, according to the press release. The advisory board also hopes to continue a working relationship with all of the health services at Mason so as to establish permanent programs and better educate students about health care.

In addition, the Student Health Advisory Board will be working with members of Student Government, the Resident Student Organization, the Roosevelt Institute, the Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) and more as all strive to improve the quality of life among those who use Mason’s health services.


Edit: Original article misnamed the Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students.