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Israel and Palestine: What I Saw

BY: ALEX MADAJIAN, STAFF WRITER Traveling will open your eyes to both beauty and brokenness. On one small patch of the world, there is a prime example of such a contrast that I had the opportunity to witness firsthand. I…

Dialogue In Democracy

An Open Discussion of Peace and War BY ABIGAIL ADCOX, STAFF WRITER In today’s polarized U.S. climate, the Dialogue and Difference Project aims to deepen the discussion and garner student involvement. This month the discussion topic was peace and war….

Project Nur: Shining a New Light

Kelsey Davidson, staff writer As sophomore and Community Health major Asra Ahmad of Project Nur puts it, “The goal of Project Nur is to engage students through civic engagement and civic advocacy, grass-roots campaigning.” Currently up and active at the…