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Native American Heritage Month

BY HAMNA AHMAD, STAFF WRITER The Native American and Indigenous Alliance (NAIA) will host its 14th annual Veterans Day Powwow Friday, Nov. 11. The event, which will take place on the SUB I quad, features Native American culture while also…

Shawl Ladies Pow Wow

Student Government votes to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Yesterday, Student Senate passed legislation that formally asks the university to no longer recognize Columbus Day and, instead, start celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Resolution 13, called “A Resolution to Urge the University to Reconstitute Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” passed by…

Washington Redskins Training Camp August 4,  2011

Native American students express frustration at Redskins name

Controversy surrounding the Redskins team name has sparked heated discussion on campus. In her visit to the Fall for the Book festival, Native American author and activist Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz discussed the controversial Redskins name and mascot. According to Dunbar-Ortiz,…