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George Mason staute in snow. Photo by Craig Bisacre/Creative Serivces/George Mason University

OPINION: George Mason’s Legacy on Freedom

By Paresha Khan, Columnist The attention to free speech on college campuses is rising in public opinion and media. At Mason, pro-life senior citizens and non-Mason students gather around the clock tower and plaster bloody fetus posters in North Plaza….

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OPINION: The Difficulty of Parking at Mason

SHOULD MASON PLACE A LIMIT ON NORTHERN VA STUDENT ADMISSION? By Paresha Khan, Staff Writer As a commuter, driving to Mason daily has been the ultimate struggle. After commuting for 45 minutes to an hour, circling around Lot K for…


OPINION: Is Chem Too Discouraging?

By Paresha Khan, Staff Writer General Chemistry 211 is a class at Mason that is known to be very challenging and is always discussed among students. Because of the difficulty of this course, I strongly believe that it’s a weed-out…

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Culture-Based Halloween Costumes

WHERE SHOULD YOU DRAW THE LINE? By Paresha Khan, Staff Writer Halloween has become a controversial holiday in which creativity can flow into a grey area of discrimination and offense. Halloween costumes should not be inspired from actual cultures. Although…

Does Climate Change Exist?

By Paresha Khan, Staff Writer Prior to his Presidential election, Donald Trump tweeted in 2012, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” As a student who is tremendously passionate…