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Frank is executive editor of Fourth Estate, and a junior majoring in economics. If he isn't writing about Mason or higher education, then he's usually reading something nerdy. Email:


What is tuition? Tuition is how much you pay for education at Mason. How is it charged? Tuition is charged by credit and by your status of enrollment. For example, in the 2013-2014 academic year, in-state undergraduate students had to…

Mason Cheerleaders look to each other for support

(video by Amy Rose).  The women and men that can be seen on the sidelines of the basketball games dressed in head to toe peppiness leading the crowd despite the outcome of the games receive little recognition for the accomplishments…

Student Government Spring 2014 candidates announced

Student Government has posted the candidates for the 2014 spring election. There are four candidates for President with four Vice President running mates. There are currently thirty five candidates running for Student Senate with thirty spaces available. Campaigning begins March…

How do we save the news at Mason?

Fourth Estate Editors Frank Muraca and Hau Chu spend a lot of time discussing how best to inform the Mason community. In rapidly changing world of journalism and media, they thought it’d be most helpful to have this discussion publicly….