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Alex writes music review and PG-13 memoir. He's currently finishing a BFA in NonFiction Writing and finishing his first romance novel, "SomebodyToLove. com."

OPINION: Girl Scout Cookie Season

By Alexander Kenny, Columnist Feb. 16 to Mar. 18 is Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) season, followed by Tagalong withdrawal, self-disgust and cookie gut. It’s that magical time of forgivable binges and furious arguments over which cookie is best. Roommates will…

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OPINION: Hacking Online Dating

By Alexander Kenny, Columnist On Valentine’s Day, campus couples exhibit more PDA than usual. That night, they’ll spend way too much on surf & turf, then exchange flowers, chocolate and fluids. They will smooch during a 90s movie starring Tom…


OPINION: Winter Olympics: The Quadrennial Oddity

By Alexander Kenny, columnist Every four years, Americans tune to NBC to watch beautiful figure skaters, high-tech sled races, Shaun White, and dangerously fast downhill skiing, yet nobody knows what a triple Salchow actually is. We like the drama. We…

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OPINION: Dump Your Sports Team, Love Football Again

By: Alexander Kenny, Columnist For many, choosing who to cheer for this Super Bowl Sunday feels like the 2016 election. The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are the most hated football teams in history (except for Michael Vick’s…


OPINION: Normalizing Ink

By Alexander Kenny, Staff Writer Tattooed men are the new “sensitive.” Tattooed women are the new “approachable.” According to Pew Research Center, 40 percent of millennials (ages 18-35) have at least one tattoo and most have degrees. I’ve met librarians…