Photo Courtesy Sofya Vetrova

The Difference Baker is a new addition to Mason dining to help Mason create a more inclusive dining experience.


​​The Difference Baker is bringing students together by offering food and baked goods free of 7 of the 9 main allergens. Located in the Nguyen Engineering Building, The Difference Baker is the nation’s first Certified Free From retail location on a college campus.

In a post by gfreefriends on Instagram, Mason was praised for creating a more inclusive dining experience for those with dietary restrictions.

Marketing Director of Mason Dining Sofya Vetrova said, “[The Difference Baker] have set a new standard for campus dining at George Mason by offering a wide range of menu items that cater to diverse dietary needs.” 

Their products are gluten, peanut, tree nut, soy, fish, sesame and crustacean-free. Additionally, The Difference Baker provides dairy-free, egg-free, legume-free dishes, as well as keto and vegan options.

The Difference Baker is one part of Mason’s goal of dining inclusivity. This fall, Mason became the first Spokin Verified College. Spokin is a platform dedicated to helping individuals with food allergies by providing ingredient lists and allergen information.

Additionally, this fall Mason Dining launched the Simple Zone, an allergen-friendly pantry located on the first floor of Southside, and The Spot, an entirely plant-based dining hall. Mason Dining also partners with two local vegan businesses, NuVegan and Sweet Vegan Eats.

Vetrova explains, “inclusive dining is not just about meeting dietary preferences; it’s about creating an environment where everyone can enjoy delicious and wholesome meals.”

To learn more or to get involved with Mason Dining, Vetrova suggests visiting or joining the Student Culinary Council.

Students with dining suggestions or concerns may reach out to Mason Dining by texting “TellSouthside,” “TellIkes,” “TellTheSpot,” “TellTheGlobe,” or “TellRetail” to 82257. Or by using the HappyOrNot machines located at Southside, Ike’s, and The Spot.