Photo Courtesy of Abegail Aquiro

A new place for food and friends.


A new resident student organization, the Culinary Club, has officially launched and is open to all foodies at Mason.

The club which informally launched in 2020 became a place for students to try new recipes and learn cooking techniques. For students with little to no experience in the kitchen, the club offers lessons on how to make healthy and delicious meals.

“Our main inspiration for the club was that people had expressed interest in wanting to cook and make friends. Some college kids enter college only knowing how to cook the basics. We get students from all skill levels ready to learn,” said junior Abegail Aquiro. 

“We wanted a way to help them learn how to cook so that when they are independent, they can provide for themselves and eat good without breaking the bank.” 

A typical meeting with the Culinary Club involves a cooking lesson teaching students how to make a few dishes, and frequently samples cuisine from around the world. 

“We did Japanese food where students learned to cook okonomiyaki and rice balls. We try to do 2-3 items so we can try a lot of different things and students can leave satisfied.”

“Students are given ingredients and supplies that they need to cook. Officers lead the groups by showing them proper cooking techniques from mincing and to julienne; stirring vs folding mixtures; and frying and sauteing. At the end of the meeting, they can enjoy what they made with their friends or bring it home.” said Aquiro.

Club members say through the cooking lessons, potlucks, game and movie nights, they’ve been able to meet new people, make friends and learn how to make some incredible food. 

“I had a chance to meet people from different majors, walks of life, and cooking experience,” shared senior Jenise Blount. Many of the recipes we learn are so fun to make and even better that we get to make it them together. After each meeting, I think how can I incorporate it in my meals for next week. Many of the meals work so well for a college student daily schedule of going to class, studying, and relaxing.”

For more information on the Culinary Club students may check out their Instagram or join the club Discord.