Camille Brayshaw / The Fourth Estate

What the editors behind IVE have been listening to


It’s that wonderful time of the year again, where we all get a chance to look back at the year behind us and reflect on the things that made it special — and the music that played in the background along the way. From the editors at Fourth Estate, here are the songs, albums and artists that we’ve had on a loop:

Lianna Brown, Co-Editor-In-Chief: “Balance ton quoi” by Angele

Genre: Pop/Chanson

“‘Balance ton quoi’ is the second song from the 2018 album ‘Brol’ by Belgian singer Angele. Translated, the song’s title is, ‘Denounce your what.’ The song references the Me Too movement, commenting on sexism and misogyny, but even if you don’t understand French, this song is enjoyable with its elegant lyrics and interesting electronic-pop beats.”

Collin Cope, Opinion Editor: The Grateful Dead

Genre: Rock

“One of the artists I’ve been listening to a lot since the start of COVID has been the Grateful Dead. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I really appreciate how it represents a much simpler time — one where a global pandemic was the talk of science fiction novels and history books.”

Maggie Roth, Culture Editor: The Happy Fits

Genre: Pop-Rock

“While their most recent singles, ‘Another Try’ and ‘Cold Turkey’ are what drew me back in, their entire discography has been a long-time favorite that I keep coming back to. The Happy Fits flawlessly balance the complex and the lighthearted both lyrically and sonically, with occasionally cynical lyrics contrasted by an upbeat, cheery sound. The use of bold cello in the backing instrumentals makes it boisterous and unique, without being so experimental that you can’t have fun listening to it.”

Allison Alberty, Social Media and Graphics Editor: “Tell Me About Tomorrow” by jxdn

Genre: Pop-Punk

“I have been listening to the album ‘Tell Me About Tomorrow’ by jxdn a lot lately. He was a TikTok star that released his pop-punk album and is touring with Machine Gun Kelly right now. His music helps me to remember that I can be hurt and feel emotions but still be confident and powerful, or even angry about things that have happened in my life.”