Faces of Mason


This week, Faces of Mason focuses on students working from home during the pandemic. Students were asked how and where they are completing their work and if they found a difference in their working habits. 

Amini E. Bonane

Photo courtesy of Amini Bonane

It’s incredibly difficult to complete work outside of a designated work space. But with change comes adjustment. My usual work spaces, in libraries and offices, have been adjusted to study corners. I set boundaries for my productivity and I’m not afraid to enforce them. I also have very open lines of communications with my team and professors. Mental health is just as important as the masks, gloves and social distancing protecting our physical health.

It’s so important to try your best to stick to a semblance of your daily routine. I take advantage of nice weather and love working outside. If I’m having trouble with something, the solution is just a video call or email away.

Yes, at school everything is instantly accessible. At home, a lot more time precautions must be taken. Though [this time] is a rough period of my life, I’m elated by the overwhelming sense of community from my support system. 


Mohammad Hamza

Photo courtesy of Mohammad Hamza

I had recently gotten an internship at MotoRefi, a company that specializes in refinancing auto loans. It started in the beginning of February, as I got through training and meeting all my colleagues. We had a company meeting the first week of March, where we were told we would be working remotely till further notice. Everyone got assigned a laptop and that was my last time at the office. 

Working from home has gone surprisingly well for me. I wasn’t expecting to be as productive, not being at the office, but I was wrong. I actually got more work done and March happened to be a remarkable month for the company. I have a decent-size room with a desk, so I get the luxury of working from my bedroom for a few hours a day. I work from 9 to 5, so I don’t have to wake up super early to get ready and commute to my workplace.

My schedule would consist of waking up, brushing my teeth, washing my face, then going back to my room to start work in my pajamas. In between my work shift, I’ll go to my kitchen to get coffee or a snack. I’ll also take short breaks to get fresh air or even take a shower. Never did I think I would have a schedule consisting of doing work from home, but during times like these it only makes sense for companies to allow so. I am grateful to still have a job and look forward to seeing the work office some day.