Fundraising, Budgets and Tuition: BOV Brief

Updates on the recent BOV meeting


The Board of Visitors (BOV) met in Merten Hall to discuss relevant policy changes and updates on Thursday, Feb. 27, announcing that Mason is now required to provide undergraduate students and the general public at least a 30-day advanced notice for an increase in tuition and fees. 

An explanation for the increased tuition and fees must also be provided. Additionally, the approval of a room and board increase was noted, with a 2.2 percent increase in housing and 5 percent increase for dining hall plans subject for 2021. 

Major efforts regarding the most recent fundraising campaign were also brought to attention. During the last fundraising campaign, two especially large donations came — to the Antonin Scalia Law School and the Mercatus Center. 

Student and faculty senators at Mason worked to pass resolutions providing in-state tuition to in-state undocumented students. 

Next, a budget was introduced which assists in changing the financial aid formula. This bill specifically relates to university financial aid regarding a high equity student population. 

The BOV went on to mark this meeting as the last meeting with Provost David Wu. Wu said that Mason was on a path of “great momentum.” 

Wu looked ahead at Mason’s current projects and visions for expansion. He announced that the university budget has grown over 40 percent to $1.25 billion which will allow for increased programs and opportunities. 

The School of Computing is currently in the works and is expected to increase enrollment from students into engineering fields, according to Wu. 

The university plans to invest over $250 million over the next five years to grow programs for the School of Computing, hire faculty and staff and expand the campus in Arlington. Currently, that campus occupies 700,000 square feet adjacent to the new Amazon headquarters, but there are plans to grow to over a million square feet. 

Other parts of the meeting discussed building name changes and various hiring efforts happening in the university.