Why Celebrity Makeup Lines are Taking Off


Ally McAlpine/Fourth Estate

Selena Gomez announced that her new makeup brand, Rare Beauty, will be dropping this summer, and it created waves on Twitter.

My timeline was full of beauty vloggers extremely thrilled for Gomez’s new beauty line, while other people I followed basically said, “Another celebrity with a makeup line?”

I do understand the trend of celebrities and makeup lines. Over the past few years, beauty products have definitely surpassed clothing lines in the market. I think it’s all due to the YouTube culture of beauty vloggers and the tutorials they put out.

Even the most famous celebrities start with posting online videos, like Kylie Jenner.

She founded Kylie Cosmetics in 2015, and she’s from a very wealthy family, but her company began with videos of lipstick swatches on her Snapchat. Now, almost all her beauty lines sell out once they go live on the internet. People want her products because they feel that they could look just like Jenner if they use them.

Jenner has not been the only celebrity to have success with a makeup line — Rihanna is the founder of Fenty Beauty, another huge makeup brand with many fans.

Rihanna is beautiful and she has impeccable style. If you google her name, all her red carpet pictures have flawless makeup looks, only giving her more credentials and appeal when it comes to her makeup brand.

With all these celebrities turning to makeup lines instead of clothing lines, the landscape in the fashion world has changed.

One advantage of buying a celebrity’s makeup line is that you believe the quality of the product is going to be top-notch because it’s created by someone with such high status. When I put on my Fenty Beauty makeup, it makes me feel like my makeup looks 10 times better than if I used a drug store brand.

The biggest drawback is the price you have to pay. The prices of some of the celebrity-branded products aren’t too reasonable. Ultimately, you’re paying for the celebrity’s name on the product, which is what creates such unreasonable prices.

I’m never going to stop being interested or buying celebrity’s makeup products. If I can feel pretty like Rihanna by simply putting on her Fenty Beauty highlighter, there’s no way I’m going to stop buying it, despite how expensive it may be.