Mason Weekly Crime Log

Tuesday, Jan. 28 — Commonwealth Hall 

Sexual Assault / Rape: Mandatory reporter notified GMU PD that a Complainant (GMU) disclosed being sexually assaulted on campus by a known Subject (GMU). Due to confidentiality of reporting, limited information is available regarding this incident. 

Case 2020-012820 — Information Only 

Wednesday, Jan. 29 — Fairfax Campus 

Stalking / Harassment by Computer / Intimidation: Complainant (GMU) reported receiving harassment messages from an unknown Subject (GMU). (47/Bietsch)

Case 2020-001167 — Referred to Title IX 

Wednesday, Jan. 29 — Thompson Hall 

Trespassing: Subject (Non-GMU) was arrested and transported to Fairfax County Adult Detention Center for trespassing. (30/Tallon) 

Case 2020-001172 — Cleared by Arrest 

Thursday, Jan. 30 — Robinson Hall-B

Destruction / Vandalism: Complainant (GMU) reported vandalism to a door. (40/Ries) 

Case 2020-001219 — Pending 

Thursday, Jan. 30 — Outside of Exploratory Hall (Bike Rack)

Larceny: Complainant (GMU) reported the theft of an unsecured bicycle from a bike rack. (40/Ries)  

Case 2020-001226 — Inactive 

Thursday, Jan. 30 — Rogers Hall 

Simple Assault: Complainant (GMU) reported a physical altercation with a known Subject (Non-GMU). (41/Raeford) 

Case 2020-001241 — Closed