Last Week in the News

Monday, Jan. 20 

  • Thousands of gun rights supporters arrived in Richmond, Va. for a rally to oppose gun-control proposals. 
  • Leading Democratic candidates marched in Columbia, S.C. to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Following a recent earthquake in Puerto Rican citizens discovered untouched emergency supplies from Hurricane Maria that had never been distributed. 

Tuesday, Jan. 21

  • Impeachment trials begin. President Trump is charged with two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicates he has the votes to set trial rules that don’t require calling new witnesses. 
  • China confirms human-to-human transmission of new coronavirus disease. 
  • 49ers’ Katie Sowers will be the first female and openly gay coach at the Super Bowl. 
  • First U.S. case of the coronavirus is confirmed in Washington state. 

Wednesday, Jan. 22

  • CNN poll shows the majority of the country believes that President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office. 
  • President Trump plans to attend the March for Life. He will be the first president to ever speak at this pro-life gathering. 
  • New documents indicate Democrat, Adam Schiff, mischaracterized evidence in impeachment. 

Thursday, Jan. 23

  • Three U.S. firefighters killed in plane crash while fighting Australian wildfires.
  • Bernie Sanders leads President Trump by the widest margin of all 2020 Democratic candidates. 
  • Eli Manning retires as the highest-paid NFL player in history. 
  • Trump administration threatens to pull federal funding from California regarding insurers covering abortions.

Friday, Jan. 24

  • 34 U.S. service members diagnosed with brain injuries following the Iranian missile attack. 
  • Another case of the coronavirus is confirmed in Chicago and first two cases appear in Europe. 
  • President Trump’s rollback on water pollution will dismantle federal protections for over half of America’s wetlands and waterways. 
  • Rodney Scott will replace Carla Provost as the new head of U.S. border control.