The Truth About Fast Fashion

Billy Ferguson


I would assume that most people who are reading this article right now are probably wearing a product of fast fashion. Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Fashion Nova and PacSun are all big name fast-fashion brands and are most likely sitting in your closet. These brands are relatively cheap and convenient.

An average top from Forever 21 might cost about $10, which is affordable compared to designer fashion. All of these brands provide cheap prices with a wide range of different styles, which is what makes them so attractive. But, not everything can be that easy.

The truth about fast fashion is that it’s killing our environment as well as hurting the workers that work for these brands. As I stated in a previous piece about thrift shopping and fast fashion, the clothing industry is the second highest polluter on this planet. The reason behind this is because most fast-fashion brands create their products in developing countries where labor and resources are cheap, and where coal is used as the main source of electricity.

Forbes said that the clothing industry is responsible for 10 percent of all carbon emissions globally. Another sad truth about fast fashion is that most workers don’t get paid fairly. Less than two percent of the women who work in these clothing production lines even make a living wage.

Although fast-fashion pieces are trendy and affordable, it is hurting the environment. Next time you’re in the mall, try to avoid some of these big name stores or at least try to limit the amount you buy from them. If you go online, there are lists of ethical fashion brands that are also affordable.

A few ethical fashion brands are Levi’s, Patagonia, Columbia and Alternative Apparel. All of these brands are dedicated to sustainability and better packaging for their products. These are just a few of the excellent qualities these ethical fashion brands contain.

Looking at the brands we buy might not seem so important, but it really is when it comes down to it. We want to keep our planet as clean we can, right? Buying ethical brands is a small step to helping keep this planet alive!