Mason Weekly Crime Log



Wednesday, Sept. 18 — Fairfax Campus/Mason Shuttle Bus

Credit Card Fraud/Larceny: Complainant (GMU) reported the theft and unauthorized use of a credit card.

Case 2019-009015 — Pending

Tuesday, Sept. 17 — Rappahannock parking deck

Hit and Run: Complainant (GMU) reported a hit and run of a vehicle.

Case 2019-008980 — Inactive

Tuesday, Sept. 17 — University Drive

Drug Law Violation/Tobacco Violations: Two subjects (GMU) were referred to the Office of Student Conduct for possessing illegal drugs.

Case 2019-009011 — Referred to OSC

Monday, Sept. 16 — Fairfax Campus/Student Housing

Sexual Assault/Rape: Complainant (GMU) disclosed being sexually assaulted by a known Subject (GMU) on two separate occasions. Due to confidentiality of reporting, limited information is available regarding this incident.

CSA Report #0911619 — Information Only

Monday, Sept. 16 — Fairfax Campus

Stalking: Complainant (GMU) reported receiving unwanted contact from a known Subject (GMU) on multiple occasions.

Case 2019-00895 — Pending

Monday, Sept. 16 — Fairfax Campus

Fraud/Scam: Complainant (GMU) reported a phone scam.

Case 2019-008946 — Information Only