Letter From the Editor

Dear Patriots, 

As I’m writing this, my co-editor, Hailey, celebrated her 20th birthday by bringing a dozen donuts for the staff. We probably should have coordinated better, because I also brought a dozen donuts for the staff. Oh well, it’s not like anyone is complaining here. 

Except for one: the jelly donut was grossly inadequate. 

We had a nice long weekend to help us ease into the semester, but we’re back now. We’re back and ready to work, for the most part. Sometimes we get a little tired, you know? 

This week our reporters have covered a wide array of events, issues and meetings on campus. In our News section, we have a story on how Mason professors are working to combat the opioid epidemic in the U.S. Our Culture section wrote about how students can get outside scholarships. Our Sports editors profiled some of Mason’s most successful athletes. Our Opinion section, funnily enough, wrote a tell-all piece on the importance of NASCAR’s Southern 500. 

Riveting stuff, right? I’d like to think so too. 

My favorite part of our newspaper (humble brag) is how I learn something new with every issue. My friend and fellow editor, Laura, always says that the best thing any of us can do is try to learn. So, if all we do this week is teach you something new, I feel like that’s a victory. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, we’re here for you. 



Dana Nickel

Co Editor-in-Chief