Board of Visitors Discusses Poor Princeton Review Ranking

Princeton Review ranks Mason as 11th unhappiest campus


The most recent edition of the Princeton Review’s “Best 385 Colleges” list ranked Mason at 18th for least beautiful campus and 11th for unhappiest students. 

The Board of Visitors discussed the Review’s unfavorable rankings of Mason during their meeting on July 26, according to its minutes. Rector Davis initially mentioned the Review’s ranking, stating that Mason ranked 20th from the bottom in terms of student satisfaction. 

Davis “reiterated the importance of student satisfaction,” according to the minutes, and asked Provost Wu to further address the ranking. Wu mentioned the survey’s timing in conjunction with the hiring of Brett Kavanaugh by the school and suggested that this may have impacted the ranking. 

Wu mentioned the Student Care Network as a solution to the issue. The program, which is set to be instituted this fall, will bring changes to University 100 classes, improve the Student Services Center and create a “student-centered coaching team” called the Mason Care Network.