Fall Fashion Trends

Ally McAlpine/Fourth Estate

Tips for staying warm while still looking stylish


The days are shorter and colder and pumpkin spice lattes are back, which can only mean one thing—it’s officially fall. One of the best aspects of fall are the fashion trends that come with it.  For many fashion lovers, fall can be the best season, because it is the perfect time to incorporate colors, textures and trends into your style.

Some aspects of fall fashion will always be timeless. For example, you can never go wrong with a good pair of boots. From edgy combat boots to preppy riding boots or classic Chelsea boots, the possibilities are endless.

One of the best aspects of fall fashion is layering. Do you remember those days when the freezing mornings make you bundle up, but the afternoon is so hot that you are sweating? This is when layering comes in handy. Fall can be unpredictable, so putting a sweater or jacket on top of your outfits is essential.

Integrative studies junior Hawatu Davowah is a fan of layering. “I also love oversize cardigans and stuff like that,” Davowah said. “Something that’s more drapey so that it gives me more wiggle-room to maybe wear a tank top or something. So it’s like this balance between, okay, I won’t be too hot but I’ll also be safe if it gets cold, which it usually does.”

While layering is an opportunity to explore new styles, getting a balanced look can be a challenge. Maryam Sinanovic, a senior majoring in global affairs, explained that for her, layering is especially important.

“For me, it’s interesting because as a Muslim, I choose to dress head-to-toe covered,” Sinanovic said. “Beyond a T-shirt and jeans, what can you do? [You have to] find the medium between being yourself and looking cute at the same time.”

Luckily, when it comes to layering, there are plenty of options that allow you to stay warm and covered while expressing your personal style. You can never go wrong with staples such as a cardigan or a cute jacket, but feel free to experiment with more sophisticated styles.

Blazers are a very on-trend item this fall. As a college student, you probably already own at least one to wear to job fairs and interviews. But don’t forget to add it to your everyday closet, for it also helps you look trendy in no time.

You can also layer your accessories as well. For example, Davowah loves wearing scarves because they can double as a headwrap when it gets cold.

For people who aren’t ready to let go of skirts and dresses, but worry about their legs getting cold, try adding leggings, tights or over-the-knee socks to your look so you can stay both warm and cute.

Fall is also the perfect time to play around with different textures. Adding classic fall textures such as suede, velvet or faux fur can take your outfits to the next level.

For example, while a plain black cotton T-shirt is cute, a black T-shirt in a velvet material is much more interesting. These textures come around every fall, and take turns being on trend. No matter which one you decide to incorporate into your wardrobe, you are sure to amp up your look.

Prints are also a fall fashion staple. For example, while some plaid items are similar to school uniforms, the right plaid item can have you looking and feeling like Cher Horowitz from “Clueless.”

Another fun print for fall is florals. Florals for spring might not be groundbreaking, but fall florals, which usually involve darker colors, can be an unexpectedly edgy twist on the traditionally feminine style.

One of the biggest trends this year is animal prints, which you can find on just about everything, from dresses and jackets to shoes and belts.

For those who are more adventurous with their style, mixing prints is another fun option. “I really like that people have been mixing patterns and stuff like that … there are really fun, crafty ways to make these patterns work,” Davowah said.

Mixing patterns is actually a lot easier than people might think. You can wear stripes with polka dots or plaid with floral prints as long as the two patterns are within a similar color family.

While it can take some time to both adopt new styles and feel comfortable with wearing them in public, you should never let fear of judgement stop you from wearing something that you like or trying something new.

“It just seems like there are a lot of different ways people are just kind of like trying new things or questioning ‘fashion rules.’ I think it’s something I more tend to admire. I’m waiting [and] hyping myself up a little bit [and] preparing to try it out for myself,” Davowah said.

If you have been looking for ways to update your wardrobe, try slowly incorporating some of these fall trends. In case you are hesitant, start small, such as adding a printed belt or a textured jacket to see if you really like a trend. You do not have to make so many changes all at once.

If you want inspiration for new styles, try checking social media. Sinanovic enjoys following Muslim fashion bloggers on Instagram, but there are bloggers to suit every style. Pinterest is another great place to go for inspiration. Both Instagram and Pinterest allow you to save pictures to collections or boards, so you can group together pictures that you like based on a specific season, trend or theme. If you prefer to watch videos, there are also a plethora of YouTubers who focus on fashion and beauty.

Fashion should be fun and a form of expression, and with the wide variety of trends and styles for the fall, you are sure to find something to fit your taste.