New Senators Welcomed Into The Student Senate


The 39th student senate met for the eighth time in Merten Hall this week and discussed the implementation of bills and resolutions and executive appointments while welcoming 23 new senators.

From the Executive Cabinet, Bekah Pettine, Erik Truong and Adanna Newby explained in their executive reports that they met with the President Student Advisory group. With President Cabrera and University Life Vice President Pascarell in attendance, they all had a conversation and were hopeful to bring about change for Mason.

Pettine further discussed the Board of Visitors meeting that took place on Oct. 10.

“The Board of Visitors are appointed by the Governor of Virginia and they decide on university policy, expanding academic programs and decisions … for the university,” Pettine said.

Resolutions to support the Fairfax City Council dinner and a debate between George Mason Republicans and George Mason Democrats, called “First of All, We Vote,” were passed.

On Oct. 4, resolutions to implement Scholarship of the Week, to support the Mason Stewards Program and to support registration awareness week were also passed.

Scholarship of the Week is a resolution to advertise scholarships on Student Government social media accounts weekly, while the Mason Stewards Program is an organization that encourages students to maintain campus buildings and foster leadership qualities. Registration Awareness Week is a week-long event that allows Academic Advisors and students to collaborate and prepare for an early registration.

Senators passed bills that will provide candy for registration week and the allocation of funds for Witch Watch and What Do You Want Wednesday. Twenty-five dollars was allocated for candy for registration week, $200 were allocated for Witch Watch and $1000 were allocated for What Do You Want Wednesday.

New senators were welcomed with open arms, increasing the Senate population by 23 members. Over the course of the meeting, they asked questions concerning the allocation of funds and the best way to serve students with regards to Scholarship of the Week and related legislation.

Senator Charles Miller said, “This is the first time that either I or some of the older senators have seen a majority freshman senate,” and that it is “nice to see the amount of energy and general involvement they have.” Miller added that he appreciated all the questions asked as they started to understand both the situation and the bills.

Kenyah  Ruffin was  appointed as Undersecretary  for Identity Affairs and Wesley Ward.

Hannah  Friend, Sahar  Behboudifar and Paula Morales were appointed to the Parking Appeals Board.