Hidden Hangouts: Epicure Cafe

Photo by Kim Bartenfelder

Epicure Cafe off Lee Highway has music, good decor, and authentic Mediterranean dishes.



The beginning of a new semester at Mason is a breath of fresh air, but the return to Fairfax is a whirlwind of an experience.


Especially for Mason students, Fairfax means a few things: music, food, and a good time guaranteed. There’s no better way to escape the mundanity of work than with delicious Mediterranean cuisine, live music, and an unforgettable time at the Epicure Cafe, located off Lee Highway, only a short drive from campus.


The Epicure Cafe, known for its open mic nights hosted on Mondays and Thursdays, captures the essence of community and free-spiritedness. Local artists are highly encouraged to perform their music to loyal cafe fans as well as newcomers. Artists are allotted two songs per performance, allowing audiences to experience local talent, good times and shared appreciation for the people that surround them.


On top of live performances, artists have the opportunity to display their artwork throughout the cafe. From posters and advertisements to graphic designs and by-hand art, images flood the eyes and imagination upon entrance. Epicure Cafe prides itself with this unique display of local artistry because they are rooted in the firm belief that kindness, inclusivity and creativity help individuals flourish in a positive and fun atmosphere.


Not only does the music and decor exceed expectations, but so does the menu. Epicure Cafe embodies authentic Mediterranean-style dishes. Without a doubt, a fan favorite is the hummus and pita bread. However, the menu expands to gyros, falafel, kabobs, kookoo sabzi sub and even musically themed pizza. With personality-filled food with roots in flavor, the Epicure Cafe hones in on a modern twist to traditional style.


The next time a night out on the town arrives, or an adventure to discover more of Fairfax ensues, make the first stop at Epicure Cafe. It’s guaranteed to not be the last time you go, but rather the start to a weekly ritual.