Special sculptures in the Art and Design building

By Ahmed Farid, Staff Writer

The Art and Design building is one of the most creative buildings on campus. Students in the art department and those who are taking art classes have put their mark in the building, showcasing their talent by decorating the walls and hanging their artwork.

Photo by Cat Tong

Photo by Cat Tong

The students in the building have added some new artwork in the building that is both creative as well as practical. On the lowest floor of the building students have created furniture with an artistic design.

Assistant professor, Rachel Debuque, says, “the furniture was created in response to a ‘shelter’ project prompt in 3D design.”

The sculptures are not only different in shape, but also in purpose.

For example, if you ever wanted to take a quick nap between classes, Sharon Cornish, Ash Dennis, and Kadia Pembayun have created the “Sleeping Capsule 072”. Sleeping Capsule 072 looks like a tanning bed from the outside, but on the inside there is a comfortable pad where you can lay down.

Junior Farah Gamal knows firsthand how comfortable the capsule is. “I have a few minutes before I have to go to class,” she says “and this looks like a good place to rest.”

When asked whether or not she recommends the capsule, she said she does, especially for those who want peace, comfort, and a place to lie down.

But this is not the only creative work Mason art students have come. For those who are feeling homesick, students have created a house shaped chair called “House Thing” to make you feel right back home.

And if you tend to get caught with school work, you have phone shaped chaired called “Call Your Mother” to make sure students do not forget to call home. There are also other artwork that will both please your eyes as well as your back.

So if you’re ever sitting on a chair and feeling that you’re in the mood for something different, visit the Art and Design building and you will get to experience the creativity of Mason students firsthand.