Nic’s Flicks

By Nicolas Macotto, Staff Writer


4 = Great; 3 = Good; 2 = Fair; 1 = Poor; 0 = Ooh, let’s not go there

Coco had me worried at one point. Originally, it seemed troublesome as another film, The Book of Life (2014), also focused on the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with Mexican characters at the center of their culture. However, Coco beats The Book of Life by a milestone. It boasts beautiful animation with lovable original songs and a fantastic voice performance from Anthony Gonzalez while never letting up on its sense of wonder. Though darker than some other Pixar installments and somewhat borrowed from them in some instances, it pays respect to Mexican culture by introducing it to a mainstream audience while raising thoughts on mortality, legacy and family. Here, Pixar has presented us with their best film since Inside Out (2015). [Star Rating: 4/4]

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