Corner Pocket to Begin Serving Alcohol


By Claire Underwood, Staff Writer

The Corner Pocket, an on-campus game room located in the HUB, recently announced its plan to begin selling alcohol.

The only option that previously existed for students looking to buy a drink on campus was the Rathskeller, a combination restaurant and bar in SUB 1. However, the Corner Pocket has changed all of that now that it has started serving alcohol on a limited basis.

One part of that limited basis is that drinks will only be available on Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. The decision to limit sales to a specific day and time was made by the staff to measure the popularity and costs of the new system, and to determine if it should be expanded to the rest of the week.

Another limitation of the current policy is that the Corner Pocket will only sell beer and wine. Hard liquor will not be available.

Employees at the Corner Pocket said they believe that selling alcohol will increase their business and popularity on campus. Students may only see the location in passing on the way to class, so workers feel that serving drinks will increase interest and awareness for other activities inside, and also the likelihood of students returning with their friends.

The Corner Pocket will continue to offer more than just alcohol to its customers. The space is filled with pool tables, ping pong and other games as well. It is also located right next to the Wing Zone restaurant in the HUB, giving customers the opportunity to take out food from next door.

Photo by Christine Viray