Meet your new Student Government

Student body president and vice president announced



A week filled with social media campaigning and sidewalks filled with chalk for Student Government elections came to an end April 11 when the Office of Student Involvement announced the winners of the executive student body.

Junior government and international politics major David Kanos and junior integrative studies major Kelley Dugan have been elected as Mason’s student body president and vice president, respectively, receiving 913 votes.

They beat out their opponents, junior government and international politics major Hannah Carse, who ran for president, and junior government and international politics major Greg Warren, who only received 789 votes.

Kanos/Dugan beat out Carse/Warren, who had a combined six years of Student Government experience, according to Carse. Dugan said of their success, “David and I’s friendship and ability to work together as a strong, united front was truly emphasized during our campaign.”

Candidates Carse, Warren and Dugan were in attendance for the results, while Kanos was not present. The then-current president and vice president, junior government and international politics major Nathan Pittman and senior communication major Gaby Peda, were also in attendance. About 20 students came to show support for their respective candidates.

When their names were announced, Dugan was immediately shocked and started crying. She was then surrounded with hugs by all their supporters.

“When I heard our names announced, I felt the most relief, accomplishment and pure happiness I have ever felt,” Dugan said.

Kanos and Dugan’s campaign platform was “Transform Mason,” with the goal of holding Student Government accountable and making Mason more diverse and inclusive.

Major issues that they discussed at the Spring Election Debate March 30 were easier access to scholarships, a suggestion box for students and extending Fenwick library hours.

When asked where they plan to begin, Dugan said, “My passion has always revolved around academics and the academic environment here at Mason, so I would like to start in this general area.”

Academic goals candidates discussed at the debate were academic advising and making sure that advisors know the impact they have on students. They also want to focus on transfer students, students with double majors and international students.

“It is important to advocate for these students,” Kanos said.

In addition to advocating for students, they also want students to become more involved with Student Government.

“One of the first issues we want to look to fix is the transparency and image that the student body has with Student Government,” Kanos said, “This is in order to enable and encourage students to come to Student Government with their problems and concerns.”

In addition, Kanos and Dugan both expressed interest in uniting the executive and legislative branch of Student Government.

“Right now I really want to focus on making sure that Student Government’s executive and legislative branches are all on the same page. I want everyone involved to be fully committed and involved in the work that we have ahead of us,” Kanos said.

Kanos/Dugan’s win is a historic one because Kanos is the first international student body president at Mason.

“Being the first international student to become student body president means so much not because of me, but it shows that the student body does believe in diversity and inclusivity,” Kanos said.

Kanos attributes his ticket’s success to reaching out to students that don’t typically vote in Student Government elections.

“We reached out to international students, graduate students and students in multicultural organizations,” Kanos said. “I want you to reach out to Kelley and I and we promise to work   tirelessly to listen and to act on your concerns.”

The election results were originally scheduled for April 10 in the Johnson Center atrium, but due to grievance hearings, the election results were postponed. Along with president and vice president, Mason elects 30 senate members. These results were announced on April 14.


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