Dr. Yu says goodbye to Mason

Dear Mason faculty/staff, students/student leaders, student organizations, alumni and community members:

On Feb. 3, 2016, I was presented by University Life (UL) Administration with a letter of termination without cause for my position as one of the two Associate Directors in the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Multicultural Education (ODIME). My last employment date at Mason will be Nov. 3, 2016.

I was taken by complete shock for this decision UL Administration made. I have served Mason for over 13 years during which I consistently received fours (the highest performance rating) and threes. This decision of separation was right after I received a shocking performance rating of two in 2016 for the first time in my career at Mason. Sadly, I believe this decision was in retaliation against me because I raised serious issues and concerns regarding UL Administration.

In my appeal letter of February 11, 2016 to President Cabrera and Provost Wu, I stated that over the last 13 years at UL, I had witnessed and experienced fear, intimidation, harassment, retaliation, and termination of many UL staff, particularly staff of diverse backgrounds, who either left or were forced to leave Mason. It saddened me to see many talented and committed UL staff being intimidated and harassed so frequently. To date I have received no response from the Administration. Instead, my termination sends a chilling message to UL staff, apparently without regard to the loss of resources for the students I served and loved.

Mason faculty/staff, students/student organizations, alumni and local community members responded to this unjust decision strongly. Twenty seven student organizations and 2225 students, faculty/staff and community supporters signed a petition, and many student leaders and student organizations protested on campus. Injustice to one is injustice to all. If it could happen to Yu, it can happen to you!

As my departure day is approaching, I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all the supporters and my legal-fee donors in this fight of justice for me and, more importantly, for our Mason community. Your support for me in this difficult time means more to me than words can express.

I love Mason students and I love Mason! Goodbye!

Dr. Shaoxian Yu

Chinese Translation:


在2016年2月3日梅森的“大学生活管理部”对我呈现了一封信件,以“无缘由解聘”的名义解除我作为多元文化办公室副主任的职位;2016年11月3日将是我受聘梅森的最后一日。我对“大学生活管理部”的这一决定感到无比震惊。我已经为梅森服务了13年;在绝大多数的年度总评中我都得到4级(最高级) 和3级的评分。而让我吃惊的是,在2016的年度总结中我却头一次得到2级的差评。这一让我离职的决定就是出现在我得到2级差评之后。我确信这一决定是对我的打击报复,因为我曾对“大学生活管理部”指出过一些管理上的严重问题并且对这些问题表示过担忧。

我在2016年2月11日写给Cabrera校长和吴教务长的呼吁信里指出,在“大学生活管理部”工作的13年里我目睹和经历了恐惧、威吓、骚扰、报复以及很多员工的被解职;尤其是很多有不同种族或文化背景的员工, 他们不得不选择离去或者被迫离去。目睹这么多有才华和责任感的员工频繁遭到打压和骚扰让我感到极度悲哀。迄今为止我没有收到任何来自学校行政部门的回复。这个“无缘由解聘”的决定令所有“大学生活管理部”的工作人员感到寒心,对我曾经服务和热爱的学生也是一个重大损失。而校方却明显无视这一损失。