10 apps for student survival

Ashley Cook, Staff Writer

Whether you are dreaming of summer plans or simply trying to make it through fast approaching midterms, there is an app to fit your desired need. From studying on the go to budgeting your money, there are apps available to make your life easier.


StudyBlue (Android, iOS)

StudyBlue is an app designed to help students study by plugging in their own material via flashcards, multiple choice quizzes, and true/false questions. It allows users to add pictures to the flashcards rather than just text. Users are able to share study material with other users, a feature that is helpful among individuals and group settings. This free app received praise from media outlets including Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. This app is ideal for those who do not prefer to hand write flashcards.

MyHomework Student Planner (Android, iOS, Windows)MyHomework

If you forget your planner or just simply prefer to use a digital planner, the MyHomework Student Planner is a free app that allows students to log their schedules on the go. The app is convenient, as it does not require an Internet connection – and we all know how nice that is considering the less than perfect Wi-Fi. Inside the app users have the option of syncing their syllabus with their calendar to allow future due dates to be logged. There is a calendar that provides users with period based schedules in which you are able to set reminders for assignments in specific classes.


RedLaser (Android, iOS, Windows)

This price-comparison app allows users to scan the barcode of an item to compare the price with others found in retail stores and online. The app is helpful for those looking to save money and find the best deals. Having received an almost perfect rating on both the iPhone and Android app stores, RedLaser is easy to use and ideal for money conscious students.


Level (Android, iOS)

Level is a budgeting app that allows users to have direct control over the allocation of their funds on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Free and user-friendly, the app displays the amount of money that is available to spend. The software allows users to safely sync their desired bank account in order to track withdrawals and deposits.



Moovit (Android, iOS, Windows)

The Moovit app makes traveling hassle-free by allowing users to plan trips using the most efficient travel route. The app includes a live map that shows traffic and potential delays. Whether you are traveling by public transit or by car, Moovit is useful in navigating your trip.

CityMapper (Android, iOS)CityMapper

CityMapper enables users to plan trips within a city giving detailed directions. No matter how you prefer to get to your destination, the app allows you to view multiple routes to reach your destination. This free app gives an estimated time of arrival and alerts you of traffic and possible delays. CityMapper lets users choose the city in which they wish to travel, allowing travel plans to be made ahead of time.


Lose It! (Android, iOS, Windows)

This free app is useful for students who want to manage their weight and stay healthy. The app lets users designate their weight goals with options ranging from losing a few pounds per month to simply maintaining their current weight. The progress is tracked based on the nutrition content of the foods eaten that get logged in the app. In addition to keeping a food log, the app allows users to sync their accounts with other fitness mediums such as FitBit.



RunKeeper (Android, iOS)

The RunKeeper app is ideal for those who prefer to exercise outside of the gym. With a map system that is consistently updated, the path in which you wish to walk or run will be efficiently tracked. This app communicates with the user periodically to let users know the distance and time of their exercise. The app also includes the number of calories burned in each workout.





Pomodoro (iOS)

The Pomodoro app is designed to create optimal focus by setting a timer that goes off after a short amount of time. According to the Pomodoro technique, the brain focuses best when the amount of concentration is divided into small windows of time. This app is designed to provide premium focus to users by allowing small breaks to be taken after the 25-minute period is complete.

SelfControl (Mac OS X)Apps

The SelfControl app serves exactly the purpose that its name suggests. Within this app you can set a time frame in which you wish to block certain websites from being used on your Mac. To assure that the app is effective, the websites will remain blocked for the entire duration of the assigned timer- even if the computer is restarted or the app is deleted! This app offers students a fail proof way to study without the temptation of distracting websites.