Five photobomb rules

Written by Fourth Estate Lifestyle Editor Genevieve Hoeler

With finals just around the corner, it is particularly crucial to take a little time out for yourself. Go ride a bike, bask in the sun, read a chapter of a really good novel or photobomb a person’s photo so that you can be part of their lives forever. There is nothing more important to a photo—especially a selfie taken in public—than a photo bomber to make the snapshot a memory to last a lifetime. But not everyone can do photobomb correctly. That is where the Fourth Estate comes in to share some key factors in successful photobomb-ship.


1. Be Fearless

cat photobomb dog
Source: Tumblr

Have confidence in yourself. You can do this, and when you do, it will make all of the anxiety worth it. There may be a tiny inkling in the back of your mind trying to make you uncomfortable with invading on a stranger’s photographing experience, but you must remember that a photobomb is precious. You are obligated as a member of the public to provide such important service to your fellow man.


2. Be Quick

Source: Tumblr

Sometimes, you will have only seconds to prepare. When you see a camera or watch a person flip their phone screens and raise it up for optimal selfie quality, you must not hesitate. As a wise hedgehog once said, “Our next adventure awaits us, so there’s no time to waste.” (—Sonic the Hedgehog, “Sonic Heroes”)


3. Do Not Apologize

husky photobomb
Source: Tumblr

Timbaland has told us, time and time again, that it’s too late to apologize. When you get the perfect photobomb, do not apologize. Walk away, shake it off, but never give up and do not regret. You have done a great deed, and completed a challenging task. Congratulate yourself. You deserve it.


4. Act Casual

sloth casual photobomb
Source: Tumblr

There is a chance you may get caught. Especially when first getting your photobomb-legs, you might accidentally make your object aware of what you are doing. The best thing to do that this time is to act casual. This can range in its intensity from a small smile in their general direction to completely ignoring them and their camera as you walk calmly into the waiting sunset. But a calm demeanor will defuse much of your opposition, so whether you are caught or successful, make a quick but relaxed get away at your earliest convenience.


5. Be Dedicated

Llama photobomb
Source: Bedloo

As the second rule indicated, sometimes photobombs are a fast, short-term commitment. However, there are times—like weddings or formal engagements—where the photographer may be taking a long time setting up the camera. You must remember to not make the photographer aware of your intentions, while also preparing for the right moment. Just breathe. It may be difficult to wait, and your quads may get sore as you prepare, but the moment will make the wait worth it. Do not walk away from this rewarding opportunity, but face challenge head on to get the best photobomb results you can dream of.

(Photo by Amy Rose)